Pediatric and preventive dentistry

At the Dental Office “Dr. Antonić”, we take special care of our youngest patients

Our pediatric specialist and preventive dentistry specialist take care of our little patients with love and patience. We approach children patiently, and the service is performed gently and with high quality. At our clinic, we use materials and products of the highest standard for repairing and preserving both primary and permanent teeth. We are especially proud of the fact that children are happy to visit us without fear. If your child has any dental problems, the Dental office "Dr. Antonić" and our doctor specialized in preventive and pediatric dentistry is at your service.

In our office, in a pleasant atmosphere, while socializing and playing, the teeth of your little ones will be healthy.

Upotrebom najkvalitetnijih materijala (plombi u boji za djecu) zadobiajmo povjenje naših mališana i odrastanjem postaju naši stalni pacijenti. Vodimo Vas od Zubić vile do implantata 🙂

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